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Monthly Goal: Reflecting for growth

Our final goal is reflection. Through any process of growth, there will be successes, challenges and surprises, but most importantly lessons. If we are able to openly look back at experiences without judgement but rather with the intention to reflect honestly, it’s a huge opportunity for growth as well an opportunity to practice gratitude.

Multi Purpose Meal Prep Meals

In a perfect meal prep scenario, we would have all the time in the world, want to eat the same thing every day and only have to worry about our own food. But since weeks like that are few and far between, here are some easy ways to streamline meal prep for yourself and anyone else you might need to feed!

The Benefits to Remote Coaching

We need human interaction, but it isn’t crucial when it comes being coached. Less face to face contact can allows you to be more open, vulnerable and accepting of constructive feedback. This is extremely important when trying to make a profound personal change.

Fiber Muffins

Need help hitting your fiber? Love muffins?!?! Give this recipe a try.

Low Macro Flavor Savers

Eating the same meal day in and day out makes for simple meal prep but can leave you wanting more variety. There are easy, low macro ways to change the flavor profile of your food without needing to change your entire routine.
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