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Why Being Grateful Is Good for the Soul

Expressing gratitude no doubt has a positive impact on those around us, but there are countless reasons that being grateful increases our own happiness as well.

Protein Lemon Bars

These tangy lemon protein bars are a perfect dessert that’s light on sweetness and macros, but high in protein and flavor.

10 Kitchen Tools for Macro Tracking

No matter which way you slice it, taking control of your nutrition means cooking more than you were before. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen or it feels like a necessary evil, we collected the top tools that we consider worthwhile investments to make your meals more enjoyable — or at least more efficient. A few of these are novel items, but knowing when to splurge is worth it.

Low Carb Spaghetti Bolognese

Craving a hearty plate of pasta but not willing to give up your entire day of carbs? Try this lighter, colorful re-vamp of the classic.

Why count macros VS calories?

In the most basic terms, weight loss (or gain) is achieved by consuming less (or more) calories than we burn over an extended period of time. By tracking macros, you’re also tracking calories. But if all you need to do is eat less or more than you expend, why bother worrying about hitting protein, carbs and fats? As much as a calorie is a calorie, eating a diet based around your specific macro needs is going to allow you to achieve your performance and physique goals more effective and efficiently.
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