Transformation and Testimonial

Age 40
Time 8 weeks

improve performance

I started WAG to help improve my performance. I finally realized that I was worth the investment of a nutrition coach so I signed up. I explained to coach Kate Hart my goal and away we went. We decided on a slight deficit to cut body fat and eventually when we reach that point we'll rebuild with lean muscle mass. It was difficult at first as most change is but quickly became habit and easier to plan, prepare and track my macros. I have days when I have to ask myself why I do what I'm doing. Then I go out and run a 6:17 mile or do L-sit muscle ups from a seated position or something I wasn't able to do before. So, not only is my performance better, but I feel better and I look great. I know I'm on the right track and that I have a solid group in my corner cheering me on and giving me the guidance and education to help me achieve my goals. Thank you Coach Kate and thank you Adee. I'm having a wonderful