Yasmin Harlow

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 34
Time 13 weeks

To see the muscles I work so hard to gain in the gym!

Joining WAG and becoming part of this positive encouraging environment/ community has been the easiest most rewarding weight loss journey of my life. I can literally eat whatever I want. "I feel like a donut" no problem! Make that the first thing you enter into your diet diary and work the rest of your day around it. I have often walked past my husband with a huge mound of ice cream giggling to him saying, "I'm just finishing off my macros for the day". Don't get me wrong it's not all about eating ice creams and candy it's about eating a variety of foods including the ones you would usually exclude from the "regular diet world".

But besides all of that it teaches you that losing weight isn't about starving yourself, it's about feeding yourself properly! Being patient is a must but once you start to consistently hit your macros week after week the WAG method will speak for itself. One thing I made sure however was not to focus too much on what the scales said. Your clothes speak volumes, they will start to fall off you, the people around you start to notice you look amazing, the tape measure tells you your srinking, you start to be able to do things in the gym you could never do and above all your opinion of yourself will start to positively change. There is nothing like the feeling of being healthy and fit!

My coach has been my best friend from the start, Katie is always there to remind me how far I've come and guide me with all of my queries and concerns. I can't speak highly enough about her!

There is so much info about recipes, training, grocery shopping....etc etc. I honestly haven't read half of what's available.

I've realized not to be too hard on myself if I can't train 6 days a week providing you are looking after your nutrition it will look after you. I have had weeks where I may have trained once or twice and still had solid progress, just follow the macro plan for non training days. You don't need to be an expert in nutrition to follow the WAG program you just need to be committed to doing exactly what your coach tells you. It's that simple!

I am going to eventually see my muscles and I am going to be the best version of Yasmin Harlow I can💪