Haley Mansur

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 25
Time 26 weeks

to lean out and build strength

I started WAG because I had friends who had such success with the program, so I originally started and did very well for three months and I thought I could hold it down on my own and did decent for a bit. With working full time, being a grad student and training I found out that I needed that additional support and less stress trying to figure out my nutrition and numbers. We are our biggest critics, so it is helpful to have a coach run your numbers for you. WAG set me up for success, I ended up starting WAG again a couple weeks before going to regionals and Brad setup all my numbers for me between my events so I would be fueled correctly and it helped tremendously. Brad did not only help me with my nutrition through Regionals, but also helped me with my confidence as well. Even though, I am 10 pounds down I am still PRing my numbers and I am moving my gymnastics much faster. I don’t think we give our coaches enough credit than we should, Brad puts up with a lot and he keeps me in line. I am thankful for WAG and the support that I receive from this program. If anyone is looking for a positive change in their nutritional with unconditional support, this is the place for you.