Beginners Guide to WAG

Start the year right, and go after your goals!

You're ready to make a change, start the year on the right foot, and go after your goals!
Where do you start? Let us help you!
How the 21 Day Challenge Works

Welcome to this introduction to flexibile dieting!

The page you're on now is only an introduction - there are 21 more pages that will correspond to 21 days of your journey ahead. Each day will be unlocked in succession.

The first day of the challenge will be unlocked Sunday, January 3rd. So come back to this page then and you will see a button at the bottom of the page that will take you to Day 1.

Every day of the challenge will continue to work like this - when the next day is unlocked, there will be a button at the bottom of the current day to progress.

Who is this good for?

Someone who is...

  • committed to making a change
  • open minded
  • tired of hopping from diet to diet hoping to find the right one - this is not a "fixed" diet, this is a method to find out what works best for YOU
  • tired of missing out on their favorite food

Who is this not good for?

Someone who...

  • has any serious medical constraints
  • is looking for a quick fix but not committed to making lasting permanent change
  • is looking for a diet that feels like a diet

What will you get?

  • A better understanding of your relationship with food
  • Tools to become a happier and healthier you
  • A body you love
  • A body you built with hard work
  • Strategies to get in control of your diet

All this talk of flexible dieting, carbs, fats, protein, fiber, macros, tracking, my fitness pal, and more gets cluttered and confusing! #TeamWAG is here to filter through the chaos and walk you through every step of the way. Is our way the only way? Absolutely not! We have simply found a system that works for us and after sharing it with thousands of others, can see that it works for them too!

What we enjoy the most about flexible dieting is that our diet is no longer a guessing game. Food is everywhere. We celebrate with food, work through heartache with food, and it really makes us feel good! Flexible dieting allows you to enjoy the pleasures that come with eating but relieves you of the stress and shame that comes with not knowing what choices to make. Can I have potatoes with my steak? Should I choose salad as a side instead? Flexible dieting can make this choice simple and clear for you.

Most importantly, it is not just about the food. It is about living a holistic life. What we really want is for everyone to feel confident and comfortable eating some, but not all. If you follow this 21 Day Challenge, throughout the process you will realize when it is appropriate to indulge and what it looks like to make that work for your goals.

Our diet is no longer a guessing game. It allows you to enjoy the pleasures that come with eating but relieves you of the stress...

The goal of this challenge is to start working towards a body and mind you’ve always dreamt about, and to feel like food has no power to cause you stress, frustration, or discomfort. By the end of these 21 days you will learn how to navigate your relationship with food. We want you to love yourself and your body, all while connecting and engaging with the people and activities that make you happy, truly happy.

What you will need to succeed:

  • Food scale

    You can purchase these at any local pharmacy, Walmart, or Target for reasonable prices

  • Body weight scale

    This may be obvious, but you need this to track your body weight.

  • Measuring tape

    This will be used to measure your chest, waist, and hips or any other areas you are interested in monitoring. Maybe biceps? quads?

  • Food Tracking App

    We suggest using My Fitness Pal. More on this is discussed below.

  • Journal

    This will be for specific exercises in the challenge like goal setting, reflection, etc.

  • A Positive Attitude

    You are about to embark on a pretty wild ride! Some things are going to be easy, and some will be tough. Know now that you will not do everything perfectly and no one will ever expect you to.

  • Join the Working Against Gravity Facebook Page

    Here you will get support from others going through the same things you are with similar goals. Share your successes, ask for advice, and make new friends.

Working Against Gravity is a company that offers personalized nutrition coaching.

In order to make this Working Against Gravity 21 Day Challenge free we needed to use generalized principles that are suited to the majority of the population.

If you find at the end of this program you would like to take things to the next level head to our shop and sign up!

Your coach will learn about you and your lifestyle to create a program that is specifically suited to your needs. They are there to check in with you to celebrate any successes, work with you to overcome any obstacles, and make adjustments to your program to ensure you are on track to your goals!

Before you get started

If you're on #TeamWAG already we have set your macros and adjust them for you. For the purposes of this challenge we just can't do that for everyone. There are a number of free macro calculators out there, simply type "macro calculator" into any search engine and there you will be able to get an initial set of macros for free. You can also use the suggestions provided by My Fitness Pal when you sign up for the app.

But how do I actually track my food?

To track food there are some great free online programs. If you don't already use one, the one we suggest to use is However, we find the My Fitness Pal database to be extremely unreliable. For example, there can be multiple macro counts for the same item. Double check any of these on and, if necessary, create a custom food using the application.

If the food is generic enough, you can type into Google, "<your food> nutrition facts" and Google often comes back with reliable results.,, and are websites where you can find additional nutritional information on foods that don't have labels.

It is not just about the food. It is about living a holistic life.

But I'm still having trouble counting and tracking!

If you're still having trouble counting and tracking your macros, then please refer On the Regimen's How to Count Your Macros (A Comprehensive Guide) and check out this video:

Use #TeamWAG or #WAGChallenge to share your journey!

Now that you have the basics down it's time to get started.

The next 21 days will be filled with successes, obstacles, learning, and excitement! You don't need to go though this alone. Head to the Working Against Gravity Facebook page. Here you will get support from others going through the same things you are with the same goals. Share your achievements, ask for advice, and make new friends.